Full Spoon

Full Spoon

Muffins & Cakes Café

About us

We are a small bakery and we craft delicious desserts.


It all started a few years ago when Julie gathered all her friends for her birthday party. Julie thought that it will be great to bake chocolate chip muffins and carrot cupcakes with summer tasting sangria.

The birthday party was a huge success and all her friends loved the delicious desserts she prepared. A few months later Julie met Matt who shared her love for desserts and they decided to open a small bakery shop in the heart of Edinburgh, the city they have chosen to live.

Now, Full Spoon is a favourite place for people with a sweet tooth and they gather every day for a tasty dessert and coffee. The products used are all natural and Full Spoon smells like Christmas every day. Come for a bite whenever you need something sweet.